Algorithmically Created Identities

Published in Threats on Jul 7, 2021

I see Hitlers everywhere.

They don't always have a beard, they don't always have a german accent, and sometimes they are female.

The new world's Hitlers, Stalins, and Mussolini's have already arrived, and we have proudly created them ourselves.

Mass-Production of Extremists

While browsing online, hyper-optimized algorithms track all of the footprints you unconsciously leave behind. Nothing new, right?

They use your data (your search queries, interests, behavior) across multiple devices to build a psychographic persona model to precisely predict your desires & future actions. Every click and every keystroke of yours on their website has been used to feed the data monster.

Once the algorithm has profiled you, you are trapped. From now on, you will only face content that reaffirms your existing beliefs, isolated from anything contrary you may disagree with. You are being echo-chambered and radicalized without being aware of it.

These algorithms have changed the way you see yourself and the world around you. As a result, you behave differently, and your new self-righteous ego drives you into isolation, now also, in the physical world.

Since software scales beyond the individual, everyone else is going through a similar manipulative process – with different beliefs and viewpoints. We are not collaborating anymore; we are competing. Instead of unifying, we separate.

Shallow, lonely, and extreme.

It's the new world we live in, and it's only a matter of time until society destabilizes further and breaks eventually.

In software development, when something breaks, we call it a bug. We patch it: Version 1.0.1

However, when everything seems to crash repeatedly, we have to consider rebuilding it entirely:

Society 2.0. Superciety.